It’s not just about the house.

Home spaces should tell our story, allow us to live in a way that feels natural, and inspire connections with those around us.

Our owner and founder grew up banging nails into wood for his older brother. Ted was 20 when he started his own company, a diverse and playful crew of friends that spent lunches debating the merits of the latest song, energized by the first warm days of spring after a cold Winnipeg winter, travelling anywhere the work was just to construct projects faster than most other crews.

This nostalgia inspires the philosophy behind Holz – a company named after wood – the world’s best building material.

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Spaces for living.

The HOLZ HOUSE emulates the dwelling Geddert grew up in—vaulted ceilings, cozy spaces, and adaptable to families of all sizes. It is designed to maximize the way people interact with each other, and the environment that surrounds them.

Modern Architecture, efficient design and a sustainable process eliminates needless square footage and maximizes the lifecycle of the home.

Our priority—how we measure success—is to build spaces that people are happy to live and grown in; from raising children to later creating a rentable suite after they have left. We achieve this through collaboration, and consideration of the greater community we’re building in.

People and detail orientated, we build beauty, personality and inspiration. All while using as little as possible. That’s for everyone’s benefit.

It’s not just about the house.

What is HOLZ Prefab?

Our vision is to make architecturally designed prefab homes affordable. The HOLZ HOUSE a flat-packed, made-to-order panelized house that doesn’t sacrifice design. Our founder developed and refined our panel process after researching prefab and building techniques all over the world—specifically from factory tours of Prefab Panel Facilities in Germany .

We started prefabbing on-site, promptly moved into temporary structures, and now we build exclusively in our sustainably built production facility.

Our in-house team of engineers, carpenters and detailers design and build all the walls, floors and roofs into panels. They carefully incorporate all mechanical, electrical and building envelope elements into the project—even the bathrooms are built as cubes and delivered to site with the fixtures installed.

It’s the inevitable way of the future.

Why Prefab?

We carefully chose our panelized prefab process because it allows us to constantly evolve, build with accuracy and never compromise on inspiration.

Believing in communities.

We think a well-designed home should help you connect with those who live beside you, and that great homes are made greater by the strength of their communities. One of our main questions? Where do we put the porch.

Since 1987, we’ve worked alongside Habitat for Humanity with the donation of our time and corporate advice. We also support youth summer camps, local mini soccer leagues, and the construction of schools in Haiti. One of our ongoing projects is sponsoring awards for middle school students who struggle with the challenges of life. We will also plant trees for every house we build.

The HUGMUG was the idea of the Art Class at the high school Ted attended. Ted helped the class build it, and it became one of the leading attractions at The Forks Winter Warming Hut Competition.

Our time supporting different communities has greatly enriched our team’s ability to work alongside each other. The backstories, experiences and memories we’ve accumulated in our work outside of building, makes us a stronger team—a truth we hope filters through and shows itself in how we connect with you.

Building consciously.

The foundation of our process is this: we care for earth’s resources and use them carefully. The world committed to that in the Paris Accord of 2015, and we want to build your dwelling with that in mind.

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