Experience your wilderness with HUTZ by HOLZ.

A cozy cabin in the bush. A backyard studio.
We all could use a place to get away.

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Maybe strum together some cords, paint that awaiting canvas, write the book percolating in your head.

Or you can cluster the HUTZ to create a tiny village. A bedroom, a living room, or kitchen and bathroom.

Built with repurposed wood, they feel rustic, modern and cozy all at the same time.

They are sized (8’x13’) to fit your backyard with no permit required if used as a shed.

HUTZ are meant to be delivered to your site fully complete, ready to plug in. Do it yourself options are also available. They are built sturdy enough to park a car inside (no concrete required!), and sized to ship and fit where access is a challenge.

Prices start at $10,000 for a shell.

Fully OUTsulated (not insulated) and clad with metal, with fiberglass windows, prices start at $30,000.

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Hutz Layouts

Hutz Kitchen, Hutz Bed & Bath Layouts

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Experience your wilderness and connect to nature in a HUTZ

Everything can be customized, contact us at hutz@holzconstructors.com for more information.


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