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How much does it cost?

Square foot costs do not give a comprehensive picture of the total cost of a building. We don’t provide them because each project we do is custom. We will be in line with what a quality builder will charge. If you have an idea of what you would like, we can get you a budget pretty quickly.

What does Holz prefabricate?

We can prefab almost anything, but we have specialized in creating designs that easily fit your lifestyle. It’s how we offer you the best value.

How far does Holz ship?

We have flat-packed our prefab houses and shipped them via truck, train, plane and ship to Churchill, Chile, Ireland, Vancouver, Boston, Minneapolis, Thompson and many locations in between.

How quickly can Holz install a complete HOLZ HOUSE?

Once the main floor is installed, our HOLZ HOUSE installs in about a week—completely weatherproof. It takes us a couple of months to complete all finishes, ready for move in.

Can you install a HOLZ HOUSE on a challenging site?

Ever been to Churchill? We highly recommend a visit to check out the bears and belugas, but construction season seems like it last for only 2 weeks, which was just enough time for us to set the Basecamp project up and get it weatherproof. From an island cottage site, or the smallest inner city infill lot with overhanging trees, we do everything possible to find a solution for your location.

How are vapour and air barriers connected during site assembly?

We received a National Research Council (NRC) Grant from the Government of Canada to help us figure out the best way to do this and our HOLZ HOUSE was blower-door tested for air leakage and performed well in the standardized test. We are continually improving our systems and using better products so we can do even better. In addition, we work with local building authorities to ensure that what we build meets or exceeds their expectations.

Do you have stock plans?

Everything we do is custom, but we have some base layouts to use as a starting point for your project.

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